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Week 3 of ‘The Lovers’ Diet’ – The Valentine’s Day Challenge

I haven’t done The Lover’s Diet posts in a while because I’ve been time poor and sleep deprived.

I know, I know…. I’m a mum. This is what I signed up for so I will get no sympathy. You’re probably wondering how hard can it be to fit fifteen teeny, tiny minutes into my day for the sake of my relationship. That’s the whole point of The Lover’s Diet in the first place, right? It’s a program to encourage you to get into good habits with your partner, to keep the spark alive. I guess I’m not a good ambassador. But I’m a real-life woman, with real-life stuff going on and I have put this on the backburner.

But my love life can only go on the backburner for so long, and there ain’t no getting around it when Valentine’s Day comes around and smacks you in the face.

Loved up in NYC
Loved up in NYC

Let me tell you what Valentine’s Day looks like in my house nowadays. Picture this.

Take out dinner. A card. Some wine. And if I’m really really lucky, a much-wanted pot plant (instead of flowers). I’ve been planting the seed in not-so-subtle ways (pardon the pun) so let’s see.

We will turn off all electronic devices. We don’t have a TV, so that will force us to talk. And we will enjoy our conversation while we wait for one of the kids – if not both – to wake up and require us to resettle, or take to the toilet, or prove there’s no monster in the closet, or change a nappy.

Romantic huh?

What my hubby isn’t suspecting is that I’m doing him a Valentine’s Day favour and this week’s challenge is finally one he can get excited about. (ahem).

This is the Seven Days of Sex challenge. It’s time to get some closeness through…well….closeness.

*Dear God, I hope my parents are not reading this*

This challenge has been inspired by some TV programs I’ve seen over the years, and this from The Couples Academy – they’re EXCITED!

No need to post your pics of this challenge onto Insta, my friends. But feel free to share what Valentine’s Day looks like at your house!


Good luck. Enjoy. And happy Valentine’s to one and all!